Ice & Snow

From the Snow Garden to the ski simulator, we offer activities for the whole family.

Ice Rink

A real or synthetic ice rink, indoor or outdoor, in the heart of your shopping center or on a roof or on a fountain or elsewhere, in any season.

The Sport Event technology allows the rapid conversion of a field or a covered space into a refrigerated ice rink. Large or small, standard or irregular in shape, the ice rink designed by our teams adapts to the needs of your event (show, sports competition, playground, etc.).

The assembly and dismantling of custom-made structures leave no trace on the construction site. Our team recovers all the material to reuse it or dispose of it in an eco-responsible way.

  • Mobile ice rink: real ice or synthetic

  • Snowpark

  • Ski simulator

  • Tobbogan Run

  • Curling area

  • Snow garden

  • Cross Country skiing

  • Bobsled track

brown wooden snow sled on snow covered ground during daytime
brown wooden snow sled on snow covered ground during daytime

Toboggan Run

A toboggan run at the heart of your event to bring joy and emotion to everyone.

This family entertainment will provide unforgettable memories.

An activity that offers the possibility of passing a maximum number of visitors per hour.

  • 25m toboggan runs

  • 35 m toboggan runs

  • 3 corridors

  • 6 corridors

  • Monutain covering

person in black pants and red snow ski
person in black pants and red snow ski

Cross country Skiing

A real hike on a fun and educational path, this track allows children to discover the fauna and flora of the mountain. Equipped with snowshoes or cross-country skis, participants from the age of 3 will be immersed in a mountain world in the heart of the city.

The decoration of the whole will be made of fir trees, bark, plants, wood and educational panels. The greatest care will be taken in the scripting of the track. We also offer, in addition to cross-country skiing, the biathlon option with laser rifles.

Cross-country ski and snowshoe rental:

  • Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing track 100 m,

  • Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing track 200 m