From conception to realization, let yourself be guided.
grayscale photography of person doing skateboard tricks
grayscale photography of person doing skateboard tricks

Our Offer

A mixture of disciplines, urban culture decompartmentalizesartistic, sporting and cultural practices.

Urban spaceestablishingitself as the true linkbetweenthese various disciplines, we transformit into a vast playground for audiences from all walks of life in search of entertainment and discovery!

  • Skate park : initiation and discovery in playful workshops to skateboarding, scootering, and rollerblading.

  • Pumptrack : a unique cyclingplayground.

  • Graffitti : customization, fresco, etc. creation in small groups.

  • DJ initiation: discovery of DJ equipment and different musical universes: Hip Hop, Electro...

  • Basketball: tournament or initiation on half or full court

  • Electric Skateboard Hoverboard

Why a Pumptrack ?

Exclusively, the Sport Event Agency offers a pumptrack, a unique cycling playground.

  • 5 bikes – 5 scooters – 5 balance bikes

  • Individual protection equipment

  • Accessible from 7 years old


  • Need for a smooth surface

  • Dimensions: W 8 m / L 16 m